D&D Terrain for Old School Gamers

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  • Dungeon Escape

    How will your character escape the dungeon? By allying with a fellow prisoner? Attempt to disarm a corridor filled with traps? Battle the denizens? Climb across a pit filled with hazards? A one-shot D&D adventure, with a prize for the winner…

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    Dungeon Escape
  • Etsy. eBay.

    DrakenStone now has terrain products listed on Etsy and eBay. We also offer a wide array of castles, tiles, accessories, holiday ornaments, and “build-it-yourself” kits in our shopping cart on this website. Miniatures are built to a standard 28mm scale…

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    Etsy. eBay.
  • Pour-Your-Own-Dungeon

    We provide all the molds, plus high quality Merlin’s Magic Dental Stone powder. You add water, stir, and start pouring! Your dungeon terrain will be ready to take home within the hour…

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Build-It-Yourself Kits

Bell Tower Kit

Build It Yourself! A fun and easy project for kids or adults! With this Bell Tower Kit, you can make your own tower! Comes with a sturdy … [Read More...]

Ruined FieldStone Tower Kit

This kit comes in a sturdy, compartmentalized plastic tray, with a lid that snaps shut. Your pieces arrive sorted and organized, along with detailed … [Read More...]

Tiles & Structures

Dungeon Tiles

Dungeon Tiles made from Drakenite - liquid plastic, using a special formula developed through Reynold's Advanced Materials. It is 65D Grey … [Read More...]

Magnetic Tower

The magnets hold it together! Each square is 5x5, and they vary in height from 2.5", to 3", to 3.5". Order them painted or unpainted. Roofs … [Read More...]

2.5D Terrain

Ice Dungeon

This labyrinth is made of ice. Magnets hidden below the surface make the pieces "snap" together. … [Read More...]

The Magnetic Arena

The Gladiators prepare for one-on-one battle! $120 … [Read More...]

Inner Sanctum, in Black Granite

Here is the Inner Sanctum, cast in Black Granite Resin. This set normally sells for $75. It will be awarded as a prize in the Dungeon Escape … [Read More...]