Terrain Hand-Crafted in USA

Our Kickstarter #7 has just launched!!!  The Pet Jelly Cube!!!


We have several dungeons available at various sizes…

The Inner Sanctum

2 rooms, 4 dead ends, 17 accessories

Temple of Eternity

5 rooms, 4 dead ends, 2 doors, 18 accessories

Keg n’ Kettle Tavern

15 rooms, 9 hallways

Gladiator Arena

4 pieces, 4 dead ends, 14 accessores

Vault of Midnight

21 rooms

shown here with the optional accessories kit

Labyrinth of the Lost

24 rooms

Dungeon of the Orc Lord

42 rooms

Thieve’s Guild (3D stackable)

10 rooms

The Catacombs

(3D stackable)

We’ve been playing for years at Get Your Game On in Ann Arbor MI. For more information, email: drakenstone@yahoo.com, or check out the FaceBook Page: facebook.com/drakenstonecastle.

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