Levels 1-8

Hear ye, hear ye! Our Book of Quests is now available on Amazon! … [Read More...]

The Vault of Midnight

This encounter features a central chamber that has 8 doors... The party can explore in 8 directions from here... … [Read More...]

The Abandoned Cellar

In this adventure, the party explores an underground dwelling. After surviving several pit traps, they encounter a puzzle based on 4 statues. Then, … [Read More...]

Dungeon Escape

In this timed game, players must escape the dungeon. They start on the south end of the map. Then they explore until they reach the central chamber, … [Read More...]

The Cage of Thorns

The party goes to sleep in a comfortable inn. When they wake up, they find themselves in a cage. This round cage is suspended above a bottomless pit. … [Read More...]

Chamber of Sands

The player find themselves in a room where sand is pouring in. Should they try to break down the door? Dig through the sand? Or simply allow … [Read More...]

Tower of Echoes

The players must climb a three story tower from the inside. The floor is a pool of lava. Tiny guard drakes attack them. … [Read More...]

The Broken Cavern

This cavern ha crumbled... … [Read More...]

The Corridor of Scythes

The Corridor of Scythes is a single, long corridor, with swinging blades. Players must know the correct sequence to continue. … [Read More...]

Inner Sanctum

Here is the Inner Sanctum. Players must solve a puzzle to conitnue.          … [Read More...]