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Thieves Guild

3D Stackable & Magnetic. Comes with rooms and hallways. Available accessories include Tables, Chairs, Benches, Bookshelves, and even foaming beer mugs.

The Lair of Midnight

This encounter features a room that has 8 doors…

Dungeon Tiles

Dungeon Tiles made from Drakenite – liquid plastic, using a special formula developed through Reynold’s Advanced Materials. It is 65D Grey Featherlight resin, with tiny graphite dots mixed in… no need to paint! These tiles come right out of the mold looking like REAL STONE. Various sizes are available:



Magnetic Tower

The magnets hold it together!

Each square is 5×5, and they vary in height from 2.5″, to 3″, to 3.5″.

Order them painted or unpainted.

Roofs available too!


This Mega-Dungeon is available through our store. This photos is courtesy Eye of the Beholder Gaming Guild in Taylor, MI.

Ice Dungeon

This labyrinth is made of ice. Magnets hidden below the surface make the pieces “snap” together.

The Magnetic Arena

The Gladiators prepare for one-on-one battle!

20″ x 20″ Magnetic Made from Grey Featherlight Resin.


Bell Tower Kit

Build It Yourself!

A fun and easy project for kids or adults!

With this Bell Tower Kit, you can make your own tower! Comes with a sturdy compartmentalized tray. You’ll need Alleen’s tachy glue, Elmer’s school glue, E6000, wood glue or any glue you wish. Its recommended that you base your tower on a piece of foam or wood, but its not necessary.

$45, plus shipping.

The finished Bell Tower

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