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DrakenStone now has terrain products listed on Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. We also offer a wide array of castles, tiles, accessories, holiday ornaments, and “build-it-yourself” kits in our shopping cart on this website. Miniatures are built to a standard 28mm scale…

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We’re proud to announce that our third Kickstarter was successful! We’ve launched a new set that is meant to compliment your existing collection of terrain that has been “Forged by Dwarves”. These rooms, corridors, passages, resemble a medieval cathedral in the Gothic style. The playing surface matches other famous brands of terrain, making it compatible. 

Our modular dungeon layout includes MAGNETS. These pieces will snap together. The magnets lay just below the surface of the resin, and are completely hidden. Since all DrakenStone modular pieces connect to each other with a standard 2″ opening, it was easy to hide the magnet within the outer walls.

We’ve teamed up with Reynold’s Advanced Materials of Detroit. Our resin is now rated at a 66D on the hardness scale. This is an improved formula, over our older 2018 formula. This new material is resistant to warping, and is shatterproof.

We now offer an even more inexpensive option: the lightweight and flexible vinyl product that we call “Drakenite”. This material is melted, and poured into the molds at 350 degrees. It comes in dark gray.

Our resin terrain is NOT painted. It comes right out of the mold looking like stone. Since it is the same color throughout, any chips or scratches become hardly noticeable.

The Arena, Wizard’s Tower, Doors, and Stairs are finally here! Another Kickstarter will be launched in 2020.

—Uncle Andy

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