Bell Tower Kit

Build It Yourself!

A fun and easy project for kids or adults!

With this Bell Tower Kit, you can make your own tower! Comes with a sturdy compartmentalized tray. You’ll need Alleen’s tachy glue, Elmer’s school glue, E6000, wood glue or any glue you wish. Its recommended that you base your tower on a piece of foam or wood, but its not necessary.

$45, plus shipping.

The finished Bell Tower

Ruined FieldStone Tower Kit

This kit comes in a sturdy, compartmentalized plastic tray, with a lid that snaps shut. Your pieces arrive sorted and organized, along with detailed instructions and printed plans. Each block is made of Merlin’s Magic grey dental stone, with subtle variations of color… resulting in a very natural look. However, the material is paintable, should you decide to paint your finished project. You’ll need Alleen’s tachy glue, Elmer’s school glue, E6000, wood glue, or any type of glue that you choose. It’s recommended that you build your castle on a sturdy piece of Styrofoam or Wood.

$65, plus shipping.

Our Bio

Andy Schiller (affectionately known by his nephews as “Uncle Andy”) is the founder and CEO of DrakenStone, a tabletop RPG terrain and miniature fantasy architecture company. Andy began playing D&D in 1983 with his brother, using the classic Red Box, and has been hooked ever since. Andy began building castles and terrain, and selling kits in 2010.

The name of the company comes from the word Drake, meaning a wingless dragon. The first terrain build that Andy attempted was for a campaign featuring an escape from a charred and burnt castle. The bricks had so many occurrences of dragons breathing flame on them, that the blocks literally melted together. The second part of the name ‘Stone’ refers to the fact that the business began by selling “build-it-yourself” kits, with blocks made of Hydrostone.

As a kid, Andy collected miniature terrain. He grew weary of spending hundreds of dollars assembling large terrain layouts using small pieces, so he decided to create entire rooms, at a fraction of the cost. He was also frustrated by the fact that the paint color seems to differ slightly from one piece to the next, and became determined to build terrain that had the same color from batch to batch.

Andy and his cat build castles in his basement, mold them, then re-create them in materials including shatter-proof, flexible rubber, featherlight resin, and “Drakenite”… a rock-hard plastic which has the look of Granite, without the use of paint. Colors available include Black Onyx, Castle Gray, Ice White, as well as “glow-in-the-dark”. The pieces “snap” together using magnets. The texture and color of our terrain looks stunningly realistic right out of the mold, however, should you choose to add a dry-brush coat, all our modeling materials ARE PAINTABLE. All of our terrain is cast as a SINGLE, SOLID piece. There is NO GLUE involved in any of our products. There are over 50 rooms and corridors available, and we are adding more every day. Complete modular dungeon layouts are available, as well as an entire modular tavern, single rooms, an arena, stackable tower, and plenty of accessories, including staircases, fire pits, wells, trap doors, etc. Our terrain is designed to compliment your existing pieces that have been “Forged by Dwarves”. Custom orders are our specialty! DrakenStone is a licensed Hirst Arts dealer. DrakenStone, its designs, and logo are ©2016, Andy’s Answers, LLC. Learn more at,,, and

Inner Sanctum, in Black Granite

Here is the Inner Sanctum, cast in Black Granite Resin. This set normally sells for $75. It will be awarded as a prize in the Dungeon Escape tournament at Eye of the Beholder Gaming Guild.

Gorilla Glue?

Gorilla Glue: to use, or not to use?

Don’t use Gorilla Glue. It expands, bubbles, and then leaves a sticky mess. Just don’t do it! Unless… you’re making beer mugs, and you need white bubbles on top of the glass to look like “foam”. That’s the only use for Gorilla glue.

Skull ‘n Bones Piles

These unlucky adventurers met their end mysteriously. Why were they chained here? Find this miniature terrain piece in our store…

DrakenStone Castle Campaign Setting

All the adventures listed on this site have been playtested. Some at GatorCon, some at Total Escape Games in Broomfield, CO, some and some at Get Your Game On in Ann Arbor, MI, and others at Eye of the Beholder Gaming Guild in Taylor MI. Read a week-by-week synopsis of the latest adventure on our site just for players… 

The premise: this world is criss-crossed with magic teleportation circles. These were created with an ancient, forgotten magic. The true number of circles is unknown. Partial maps have been discovered. Some circles lead to neighboring realms.

Each circle has a unique activation cycle, weather it be a puzzle, trap, or “pre-requisite” to activate. Each circle also has certain rules, such as “only teleports one creature every 5 minutes” or “resets every 24 hours”.

DrakenStone Castle:

A great place to start a new campaign. The players start in a city under siege. For three generations, the ancient black dragon Zykquedoss has attacked the castle. Its once gleaming, white marble spires are now blackened and charred from a century of dragon breath. The scorched towers have survived, however, due to an enchantment placed on the stones by the dwarves, elves, and humans who built them.

To create background, the players role-play a scene as a child, when the dragon attacks. And a second scene, as a teen, under yet another dragon attack. And a third scene as a young adult, which sets in motion the intrigue of the rival factions inside the castle.

As the PCs begin the game at level 1, the dragon has disappeared. The council has chosen the group of adventurers to venture forth from DrakenStone castle. Their foremost mission: to discover the fate of the dragon, and if she will return. Secondly, to communicate with other surviving cultures, if there are any. The characters step out of the front gate. Which direction will they travel?

Roll initiative…

Catch us at these game conventions…

Bardicon 2019. August 16-18. 111 N Grand Ave, Lansing MI. We’ll be showing off our modular magnetic stackable terrain.
GrandCon 2019. August 30 to September 1. DeVos Place 303 Monroe Ave, Grand Rapids MI. Catch our booth at this year’s game convention, where we’ll show off our magnetic dungeon. Register here:

An Empress Betrayed: Introducing Afton

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series An Empress Betrayed

…and now, dear reader, the childhood of Afton the Elven Mage. When she was 8 years old, a band of High Elves came to conscript her father into the Army. Rather than hide in a tree trunk with her mother, Afton jumps out and tries to fight off the brigade single-handedly. The captain of this Elven unit has his eyebrows singed by Afton’s child-sized fireball, and is impressed. He decides to conscript her as well.

The Army gathers to fight a huge dragon, a nightmarish beast of both red and black scales. The Army is decimated in minutes, and Afton’s magic bounces off the wyrm’s skin harmlessly. The dragon’s tail swipes through the ancient oaks like tissue paper, and Afton and one other child from her village are buried beneath the timbers. When the smoke clears, Afton and Lagor are the only two survivors.
After living in a Wild Elf village for several years, Afton comes across a gruesome scene in the forest. A human caravan has been destroyed, all of its members slain. All valuables have been picked clean by some unknown thief, but Afton finds a magic wand of unspeakable power among the rubble. Instead of keeping it, she travels to the nearest human town to try to find its rightful owner. She eventually finds him; she gives the wand to Allbright the Ancient, a wizard of enormous power. Impressed by her selflessness, he takes her on as an apprentice. After years of tutelige, he tells her that he’s taught her all he can, and encourages her to make her own way in the world. Allbright promises to remain her staunch ally.


As Afton travels to the Sarpadian capital to participate in the tournament, she finds herself in a tavern. Overhearing the local’s conversation, she is flabbergasted: she hears the name of her father mentioned! Not only alive, but a famous dragonslayer? Although she did not find his body after the dragon attack all those years ago, she assumed he was dead just like all the rest of the Elves. But these townsfolk speak of him in fear, as they are afraid of his ‘dark magic’. After asking for a bit more information from the townies, they begin to get curious. “Why do you want to know?” they ask. Afton elects not to tell anyone her true identity until she can find out more about this “DragonLord”…


Next week: The adventure officially begins, as the party travels to the Forests of Ultair (where the Ambassador was last seen) to gather clues. Ultair is one of the Brother Kingdoms. It used to be one Kingdom, but when the king died, the twin brothers split the land down the middle and created two kingdoms… Comment below and I’ll send you the map…


-Uncle Andy

We play 5E at Get Your Game On during the first, third, and fifth Wednesday of each month. The player character’s group is known as “The six against the Void”. We play in the Realms of Edeos. Each session features terrain sets by DrakenStone.


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