The Inn

The proposed floorplan is great! If this is the first time you are building The Inn, be certain to follow the instructions on the website. They are clear and concise, and will lead to a beautiful result.

As an alternative, here is a modified floorplan.  These modifications make it possible to accurately count squares for movement.

In the original HirstArts design, the exit of every room is a HALF INCH floor block. We’ve kept this concept. It is the best way, for several reasons. 1. Adding 1/2″ walls to the rooms is very easy 2. Rooms can be set side-by-side, creating a full 1″ square between rooms 3. There are no awkward pieces “sticking out” from the rooms, which tend to break off during storage.

We’ve modified the hallways. During the game, moving your figure from rooms to hallways is now much easier. This is because the pattern of 1″ squares in uninterrupted. The hallways will now be surrounded by half inch floor blocks. The proposed layouts of the rooms and hallways are the same. Here is a picture of our modification.