Watch Tower

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This is the Watch Tower, a 5-piecestackable building. Two Watchtowers can be connected via the catwalk. The first floor is 6"x6", giving the base a solid feel. Looks good on any battlemap or grid paper. Yes, the wood planks on the floor DO fit into a 1" grid system. The First and Second Floors are open. The third floor has a 6"x6" balcony. Measures about 12" tall. DrakenStone is fully licensed by Dungeon Dintorni. 28mm scale.

Printed with Plant-Based PLA+ material. Non-toxic. Made from corn in USA, doesn't harm the environment. Printed in Tecumseh, MI. Made in USA, from materials made in USA!

With orders of 2 or more Watch Towers, we will include the bridge for FREE.

This piece is made to order on one of our 3D printers. It takes approximately 3 days to print. Comes in Brown.

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