Vault of Midnight

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27 Rooms, 391 playable squares. DrakenStone Modular Magnetic RPG terrain.

Each room is cast as a single solid piece; no glue, no paint.

Our Gray Granite Resin has tiny magnets, which are embedded beneath the surface, and are invisible... These allow your terrain to "snap" together.

The following 27 rooms are included:

THREE Central Chamber Rooms (6x6)

TWO Scrying Pool Chambers (6x6)

Inner Sanctum North

Inner Sanctum South

6" Cross

TWO 6" Dead Ends

TWO Y-Shaped Rooms

TWO 5x4 Rooms with Cobblestone Floor

FIVE plain dead ends

4x4 Room

THREE L-Shape Hallways

TWO 3" Hallways

TWO 6" Hallways

The Following Accessory Bundle is available for an additional $40:

6 Doors, Stackable Octagon Dias, 2 Iron Grate Traps, 18 Cobblestone Pillars, 2 Huge Pillars, 1 firepit circle, 1 Octagon Pool, 2 Trapdoors, 2 Cobblestone stairs, 4 small beds, 1 large bed, 1 bookshelf, 1 table, 1 bench, 1 treasure chest, 4 buzzsaw blades.

Made in Michigan USA, with materials made in USA.

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