Townsfolke 5E Book + 42 figures

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Want to enhance you town or city? Use these Townsfolke! A 28 page booklet describing the towns inhabitants, with stats for 5E D&D. Comes with all 42 figures. Get the BlackSmith! Get the Town Crier! 42 individual personalities. Includes 3 Town Guards in 3 different poses. Figures come in a hard plastic, compartmentalized box for easy storage! You get:

Doctor, 2 Entertainers, Alchemist, Porter, Crier, Ratcatcher, Lamplighter, Fishmonger, Magician, Blacksmith, Merchant, Sage, 3 Guards, Custodian, Executioner, Farmer, Milkmaid, Drunkard, Minstrel, Oaf, 3 Townspeople, Hunter, Sailor, Scoundrel, Spearman, Conscript, Devout, Steward, Ruler, Magistrate, Courtier, Sister, Friar, Priest, Inquisitor, Necromancer, Lookout.

DrakenStone is fully licensed by Ill Gotten Games. Made in USA!

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