The Catacombs: Stackable Dungeons with Ruined Walls

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Brand: DrakenStone

DrakenStone Catacombs Stackable Dungeons with Ruined Walls... MADE IN USA!!! Not made in a Chinese sweatshop. The floors are made of ONE SINGLE SOLID pour of resin. Each room has walls that are GLUED ON by our Elves. Each wall is made of ONE SINGLE SOLID pour of resin. Your room arrives READY to add to your game immediately, with NO ASSEMBLY by the customer. Each room has one or more 2" wide openings where a door could be placed. These openings have a 1/2" gothic flagstone floor tile pattern, which matches up perfectly to adjacent rooms. Infinite modular patterns can be made, so that your dungeon layout is different every time.

This Dungeon Terrain comes in two sizes of rooms:

Small: 7"x7" Room, $45

Large 7"x14" Room, $940

An Accessories Kit is available for $30, which includes 5 doors, 4 stairs, 2 cobblestone dias with trap door, 2 octagon pools, 2 firepit rings, 2 beds, 2 tables, 4 benches, 2 bookshelves, and 12 pillars. The pair of cobblestone diases can be stacked up, then combined with the pair of stairs, making a staircase that is the exact height needed to travel from one level to the next when stacking your terrain. Additional staircase sets can be purchased for $10.

It is recommended to limit stacking to 10 levels. Although the terrain is precise in its consistent height, a tall dungeon could be bumped by a clumsy barbarian (failed his DEX roll!!!). Keep in mind that the terrain is made of resin which is nearly shatterproof. Since it is the same color all the way through, any chips would be almost invisible.


Question: Is your glue strong?

Answer: Yes. It is literally stronger than the resin material itself. We use clear Cyanoacrylate glue. It is not affected by heat or moisture.

FAQ: Does your resin warp?

Answer: No. We've experimented with many materials. We've found that "flexable" resins are not a good choice for stackable buildings. We needed something unbendable, stiff, and hard as a rock... but lightweight. So we partnered with Reynolds Advanced Materials in Detroit. We combine White Featherlight Resin with Black Onyx Resin, resulting in a very realistic gray. Then we add graphite dots to give it a granite look, then silicon texture crystals to make it more "bumpy". The effect is VERY REALISTIC looking gray granite.

Question: Are your colors consistent?

Answer: Yes. When you place your order, we mix enough material to make the entire order. This is called the "dye batch". All rooms and accessories are made from this dye batch, guaranteeing that all pieces match color. However, if you order more pieces at a later date, we make a new dye batch. Even though we use the exact same formula, slight color variations are possible. To get around this issue, the pieces can be "washed" in watered-down black paint, which colors only the cracks, nooks, and crannies... giving all the pieces the same shade. Either acrylic paint (water-based) or model paint (oil based) will work fine. Priming is not necessary, although spray paint will work fine... however, it does cover up the gray granite look.

Question: How will my Catocombs be shipped?

Answer: Carefully. We ship each room FLAT, on a piece of 1/2" styrofoam between each layer. We cut the foam to fit perfectly into the box. It is recommended that you keep the foam and the box to store your catacombs.

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