Temple of Eternity

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Brand: DrakenStone

The Temple of Eternity: 9 pieces, 232 playable squares. It has the same layout as Notre Dame Cathedral. It is made from durable Gray Granite Resin with tiny black and white graphite dots mixed in. Don't worry about paint chipping... the pieces are not painted! They come right out of the mold looking like Real Granite. 9 pieces total. All pieces are magnetic! Included are the following terrain pieces:

1x Inner Sanctum North

1x Inner Sanctum South

2x 6" Dead Ends

1x 6" Cross Intersection

4x Dead Ends

MADE IN USA!!! Each piece is made of ONE SINGLE SOLID pour of resin by our Elves. NO GLUE is used in any of the rooms or pieces. Your set arrives READY to add to your game immediately, with NO ASSEMBLY by the customer. Each room has one or more 2" wide openings where a door could be placed. These openings have a 1" gothic flagstone floor tile pattern, which matches up perfectly to adjacent rooms. Infinite modular patterns can be made, so that your dungeon layout is different every time. The doorways have tiny MAGNETS embedded below the surface, and are completely invisible. This allows the rooms to "snap" together.

Each floor tile square is exactly 1" by 1".

An Accessories Kit can be purchased for $25, which includes 12 benches, 14 columns, 1 octagon pool, 2 circular pools, 2 doors, 1 octagon dias.

We've experimented with many materials. We've found that "flexable" resins are less expensive, but must be stored flat. We needed something unbendable, stiff, and hard as a rock... but lightweight. So we partnered with Reynolds Advanced Materials in Detroit. We combine White Featherlight Resin with Black Onyx Resin, resulting in a very realistic gray. This resin is 80 Durometer hardness and will not bend. Then we add graphite dots to give it a granite look, then silicon texture crystals to make it more "bumpy". The effect is VERY REALISTIC looking granite. The rooms are NOT delicate. They can be thrown into a backpack or box, and they'll retain their shape without warping.

The pieces are paintable, and can be "washed" in watered-down black paint, which colors only the cracks, nooks, and crannies... giving all the pieces the same shade. Either acrylic paint (water-based) or model paint (oil based) will work fine. Priming is not necessary, although spray paint will work fine... however, it does cover up the granite look.

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