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This is the Observatory, from the Keg 'n Kettle Tavern. The size is 4x4 playing area. 5x5 total area including the walls. Ornate symmetrical tiled design on the floor, with half-squares which act as doorways, allowing it to connect to other rooms or hallways. Each doorway is loaded with a pair of 3x9mm super-strong magnets, embedded below the surface. Invisible! Our grey resin is made in the USA. Tiny graphite dots are mixed in, to achieve a stone look... a realistic Grey Granite. Rock hard and inflexible. Laser engraved with our cool dragon logo on the back! Fits together will all other rooms and hallways in the Keg 'n Kettle Tavern set, and Thieve's guild set. Looks great when combined with any of our Dungeon terrain, as long as you don't mind that half square in the doorway. Our "low-wall" design is known as 2.5D, and ensures that every player at your table will have a clear view of the game.

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Takes 1 day to pour the mold and let it cure. Next day shipping via USPS Priority Mail in our re-usable DrakenStone boxes.

Made in USA!!!

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