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Modular Dungeon (27 Pieces)


Modular Dungeon (27 Pieces) 4

DrakenStone 2.5D Modular Dungeon

Cast from "Drakenite"... a lightweight, flexible resin. This plastic is made from a proprietary formula that we've created in conjunction with Reynold's Advanced Materials. No assembly required. Your dungeon arrives ready for you to add it to your game immediately Rooms are cast as a SINGLE, SOLID piece, NO GLUE!!!

This is NOT a kit: You receive this exact dungeon pictured above. Perfect for dioramas and role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, and War Hammer. The Modular Dungeon set includes 27 pieces:

•9x10 Inner Sanctum North

•8x8 Inner Sanctum South

•4x10 Barracks (2x)

•6x6 Scrying Pool

•8x8 Crypt

•4x4 Room (2x)

•diagonal zig-zag hall

•dead ends (5x)

•Entry Staircase

•2x3 Hallway

•2x6 Hallway

•4x4 Hallway (Black Floor)

•2x4 Hallway

•L-shape Hallway (3x)

•2x5 Hallway

•Trap room


•X intersection (x2)

Blocks are cast in light gray. These pieces are HAND-CRAFTED in the USA, and slight color variations from one piece to another are normal.

All floor tiles are measured with a caliper, and are a quarter inch thick, plus or minus .005 inches.

For more ideas on this model, and general tips and tricks, be sure to visit All orders are THREE DAY handling, and NEXT DAY shipping. I have a 100% positive feedback rating, and I will work hard to keep it that way.

We play D&D 5E at Get Your Game On in downtown Ann Arbor, MI. See the terrain being used IN GAME at,,

DrakenStone is fully licensed by Hirst Arts.

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Modular Dungeon (27 Pieces) Modular Dungeon (27 Pieces) Modular Dungeon (27 Pieces)