Magnetic Wall Blocks

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Perfect for quickly placing on your grid mat, for a VERY FAST setup! Re-create a medieval castle, cathedral, tavern, or dungeon with these awesome blocks! Made from 80D resin, these bricks are rock hard and non-flexible. They have a granite cobblestone look, which is achieved by mixing gray resin with tiny black and white graphite dots. They look like real stone, right out of the mold: NO PAINT, NO GLUE. All 32 blocks are a SINGLE, SOLID, individually crafted piece, made by the original #dungeonartist.

Tiny magnets are placed inside the mold during the casting process. They become embedded below the surface, becoming invisible. These allow the ends of the blocks to "snap" together.

32 pieces include: 2x Crosses, 4x L-shapes, 2x T-shape, 8x 3" blocks, 8x 2" blocks, 4x 1.5" blocks, 4x 1" block ALL MAGNETIC!!!

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