Labyrinth of the Lost

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You get the 28-piece gothic dungeon. 381 playable squares! Comes with a 7-page adventure for D&D 5E.

Made from gray resin, with tiny black and white graphite dots mixed in. It looks like Granite, right out of the mold... No need to paint! Each piece is hand made in USA by the original #dungeonartist. No two pieces are exactly the same!

Tiny magnets allow the pieces to "snap" together.

Our LOW WALL design is also called 2.5D, and it ensures that every player in the game with have a clear view of the figures.

• 5x5 Room with four exits

• 4x10 Room with one exit "The Barracks"

• 6x6 Room with one exit "The Scrying Chamber"

• 8x8 Room with two exits, plus a 4" connection "The Crypt"

• 6x8 Room with two exits, plus a 4" connection "The Gallery"

• 4" Dead End

• Large X Intersection

• Small X Intersection

• 4x5 Room with one exit

• 3x4 Room with one exit

• 4x4 Room with one exit

• 4x4 Room with two exits

• Horseshoe Hallway

• Two L-shape Hallways

• T-shape hallway

• 6 Dead End Shrines

• 6-Inch Hallways

• 5-Inch Hallway

• 4-Inch Hallway

• 3-Inch Hallway

• 2-Inch Hallway

• 1-Inch Hallway

Made in Michigan, USA, with materials made in USA.

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