Golem Curcible

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6 Room Set: You get 6 square rooms. Each room measures 7x7". $120

13 Room Set: 2 Octagon Rooms (8x8), 6 Crucible Rooms (7x7), 2 Cracked Stone Rooms (5x5), 1 Egyptian Room (5x7), 1 Large Cracked Stone Room (6x7), 1 Cobblestone Room (4x5). Also included are two hallways, which are 1" wide and in the shape of an "S". You'll also receive 8 doorways with tiny stairs. These doorways can go ANYWHERE and connect ANY 2 rooms. $270.

A DrakenStone special commission... MADE IN USA!!! Each piece is made of ONE SINGLE SOLID pour of resin. NO GLUE is used in any of the rooms or pieces. Your set arrives READY to add to your game immediately, with NO ASSEMBLY by the customer. Each octagon room has one or more 2" wide openings where a door could be placed. Other rooms have a 1" wide hallway opening.

These openings have a 1" gothic flagstone floor tile pattern, which matches up perfectly to adjacent rooms. Infinite modular patterns can be made, so that your dungeon layout is different every time. The doorways have tiny MAGNETS embedded below the surface, and are completely invisible. This allows the rooms to "snap" together.

Each floor tile square is exactly 1" by 1".

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