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Flat Tile Set


Flat Tile Set 2
DrakenStone Modular Dungeon Tiles, Fully painted and assembled. Two Dimensional Dungeons and Dragons Terrain.
Cast from Rock-Hard Grey Hydrostone.
This is NOT a kit: You receive the completely finished and painted tiles and accessories pictured above. No assembly required! Perfect for dioramas and role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, and War Hammer. The dungeon tiles can be arranged in unlimited patterns, making your game different each time.

The following 13 rooms are included:
6x6 rooms (x4)
6x6 rooms with crimson runes
4x6 room
4x4 room
3x3 room (x2)
6x8 room
4x8 room
5x5 room with pit trap
5x5 cross intersection

The following accessories are included:
12 pillars
2 pedestals
1 octagon pool
1 circular firepit
1 candle on stand
1 square well
5 beds
1 glowing pedestal with working LED light

Blocks are cast in light gray hydrostone. Everything has been painted according to the exact custom colors found on

All floor tiles are measured with a caliper, and are a quarter inch thick, plus or minus .005 inches.

For more ideas on this dungeon, and general tips and tricks, be sure to visit DrakenStone a licensed Hirst Arts dealer. All orders are THREE DAY packaging, then NEXT DAY shipping, using USPS. I have a 100% positive feedback rating, and I will work hard to keep it that way.

DrakenStone is fully licensed by Hirst Arts

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$99 In stock
Brand:Hirst Arts
Flat Tile Set Flat Tile Set Flat Tile Set Flat Tile Set Flat Tile Set Flat Tile Set Flat Tile Set Flat Tile Set Flat Tile Set Flat Tile Set