Flat Castle Tile Set

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Brand: Hirst Arts
DrakenStone Modular Dungeon Tiles. Two Dimensional Dungeons and Dragons Terrain.
Cast from Rock-Hard Grey Featherlight Resin, plus tiny black and white dots mixed in. Comes out of the mold looking like REAL GRANITE, not need to paint. The photos above show a red magic square, which you can do easily with acrylic paint (water-based) or model paint (oil-based).
The dungeon tiles can be arranged in unlimited patterns, making your game different each time.
The following 13 rooms are included:
6x6 rooms (x4)
6x6 room with magic runes
4x6 room
4x4 room
3x3 room (x2)
6x8 room
4x8 room
5x5 room
5x5 cross intersection

The following accessories can be added for an additional $25:
12 pillars
2 pedestals
1 octagon pool
1 circular firepit
1 square well
5 beds
1 glowing pedestal with working LED light. Battery included.
MADE IN USA!!! These floors are made of ONE SINGLE SOLID pour of resin; NO GLUE. Your rooms arrive READY to add to your game immediately, with NO ASSEMBLY by the customer. Infinite modular patterns can be made, so that your dungeon layout is different every time.

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