Dungeon of the Orc Lord


Dungeon of the Orc Lord 00034

You get the 54 piece gothic dungeon.

Inner Sanctum North, Inner Sanctum South, 4x10 Barracks, 8x8 Crypt, 6x8 Gallery, 6x6 Scrying Chamber, 4x4 Room with one exit, 4x4 Room with 2 exits, Four L-shape Hallways, Two T-shape Hallways, Three 6-Inch Hallways, Two 5-Inch Hallways, Three 4-Inch Hallways, Two 3-Inch Hallways, Two 2-Inch Hallways, Two 1-Inch Hallways, 4-Inch Wide Hallway, 4-Inch Dead End, 6-Inch Dead End, Two Y-Shape Rooms, 6-Inch Cross, Central Chamber, 5x5 Room, Four Dead End Shrines, Four Plain Dead Ends, Two Large X Intersections, Two Small X Intersections, Two Horseshoe Hallways, 4x5 Room, 3x4 Room, Entry Stairs.

Made from shatterproof Drakenite. Non-magnetic, gray, unpainted. Raised blocks represent walls. Made in Michigan, USA, with materials made in the USA.

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