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1 bed, 1 treasure chest, 2 benches, 1 table, 1 bookshelf, 2 skulls, 1 firepit ring, 1 octagon pool, 2 cobblestone stairs.

Black Onyx Resin Dungeon Tiles


Black Onyx Resin Dungeon Tiles 8

These Dungeon Tiles are made out of Black Onyx Resin, resistant to breaking or chipping. They come in jet black, but feel free to dry-brush them to bring out the detail... or just leave them in their menacing Onyx hue. Each square is exactly 1". You get:

8 rooms, 6x6, gothic tiles with Egyptian inlays

8 rooms, 3x3 gothic tiles

4 rooms, 4x5 cobblestone tiles.

$89 In stock