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Brand: DrakenStone


Perfect for your dungeon or tavern! Available in Small, Medium, and Large... 16, 45, or 95 Pieces. Every order includes a hard plastic, compartmentalized tray for handy storage. You get beds, tables, benches, columns, firepit rings, bookshelves, stairs, octagon pools... everything shown in the photo. The "stone" pieces are cast in grey resin, with tiny graphite dots mixed in, and come out of the mold looking like REAL STONE. No need to paint! The "wood" pieces are cast in brown resin.

The Large Accessories Bundle includes the following:

•4 Bookshelves

•4 Tall Columns

•2 Large Stairways

•2 Small Stairways

•2 Cobblestone Squares

•4 Huge Columns

•6 Firepit Rings

•1 Octagon Pool

•1 Large Octagon Pedestal

•1 Small Octagon Pedestal

•1 Half of a Large Octagon Pedestal

•1 Half of a Small Octagon Pedestal

•4 Large Beds

•12 Small Beds

•6 Tables

•12 Benches

•18 Small Cobblestone Pillars

•4 Large Cobblestone Pillars

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