Terrain Hand-Crafted in USA

Each of our Dungeon Sets come with maps of several possible layouts, and a 7-page adventure module suitable for any RPG game system… everything you need to get game night done right! Over three dozen room shapes available… add a few doors and accessories, and your setup will be the envy of players throughout the realms.

We have several dungeons available at various sizes…

The Inner Sanctum • 2 rooms

Temple of Eternity • 5 rooms

Keg n’ Kettle Tavern • 15 rooms

Gladiator Arena • 4 pieces

Vault of Midnight • 21 rooms

Labyrinth of the Lost • 24 rooms

Dungeon of the Orc Lord • 42 pieces

Thieve’s Guild (3D stackable) • 10 rooms

The Catacombs (3D stackable)

We’ve been playing for years at Get Your Game On in Ann Arbor MI. For more information, email: drakenstone@yahoo.com, or check out the FaceBook Page: facebook.com/drakenstonecastle.

Here is a photo of some of our molds….

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