Dungeon Escape

How will your character escape the dungeon? By allying with a fellow prisoner? Attempt to disarm a corridor filled with traps? Battle the denizens? Climb across a pit filled with hazards? A one-shot D&D adventure, with a prize for the winner…

The game “Dungeon Escape” takes place on Monday Nights at 8pm, at Eye of the Beholder gaming guild, located at 12345 Telegraph Road in Taylor, MI. Featuring DrakenStone terrain. The player with the highest point total on December 18 wins a DrakenStone Dungeon. Here are the point totals:

Jeff: 22 Points

Jeremy: 27 Points

Jimmy: 4 Points

Damien: 3 Points

Dan: 1 Point


Here is how the point total is calculated:

10 points for being the first player to escape the dungeon

1 point for surviving

1 point for slaying a fellow PC

1 point for slaying 3 monsters

1 point for solving 3 puzzles

Gain 1 level every 3 times you show up to play the game

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