The Cage of Thorns

Each foe holds the key to the other foe’s demise. The PCs awaken in a jail cell. Each one had spent the previous night at a different inn. How did they get here? What do we have in common? Where is their captor? And what is that smell?…

An Empress Betrayed

Her face was frozen in a pleading gaze, her hands raised as if to shield her eyes from a bright light. To their horror, they suddenly realized that in their absence, the Empress had been turned to stone…

The Vault of Madness

With a word, the cleric’s torch blazened anew. His last spell was exhausted, and his friends dragged along a single corridor that seemed to extend for miles. “How far shall we push ourselves through this tomb? Until we need sleep? The denizens will not sleep…”

An Empress Betrayed: Introducing Valcora

“The companions returned to the Throne Room, victorious in their mission to free the Emissary of Ultair. Her Majesty stood stoically, facing the party with unblinking eyes. Wondering why the Empress was so still, they approached cautiously. Before them was poised a statue in the perfect likeness of Brelia. Her face was frozen in a […]