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An Empress Betrayed: Introducing Afton

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…and now, dear reader, the childhood of Afton the Elven Mage. When she was 8 years old, a band of High Elves came to conscript her father into the Army. Rather than hide in a tree trunk with her mother, Afton jumps out and tries to fight off the brigade single-handedly. The captain of this […] We play 5E at Get Your Game On during the first, third, and fifth Wednesday of each month. The player character’s group is known as “The six against the Void”. We play in the Realms of Edeos. Each session features terrain sets by DrakenStone.  

Mask of Deception

Nor Gan took the cold steel mask into his hands. Its edges were rough and unfinished, but its belly and top were as smooth as glass. His father, Martog, spoke to him gruffly with a smile. “Take care you mind those burrs. Remember, file diagonally. Buff and polish, son, buff and polish.” Nor Gan clamped […]

An Empress Betrayed: Episode 1

“The companions approached two dockhands in the midst of loading crates onto a ship. After Valcora made some small talk about the sunny weather, the sea dogs grumbled something about rain tomarrow. The pair continued their labor, paying little attention to the newcomers. “I hear a storm is brewing tonight,” she said in a serious […]

An Empress Betrayed: Introducing Delsior

And now, dear reader, we meet Delsior, the Satyr Bard. What can I say, I’m a DM, so when the new rules on Satyrs came out from WOTC, I had to try it. Obviously, bard is the ‘favored class’ (if such a term exists in 4E???) and this was my chance to test it out. […]

Cage of Thorns: Introduction

Each foe holds the key to the other’s demise… The wizard blew the dust off the map, then peered over his glasses at the parchment. It was filled with islands, each floating in a nether sea and connected with dark curving lines. His mind raced. “Can there be a pattern to the lines?” he wondered. […]

The Cage of Thorns

Each foe holds the key to the other foe’s demise. The PCs awaken in a jail cell. Each one had spent the previous night at a different inn. How did they get here? What do we have in common? Where is their captor? And what is that smell?…

An Empress Betrayed

Her face was frozen in a pleading gaze, her hands raised as if to shield her eyes from a bright light. To their horror, they suddenly realized that in their absence, the Empress had been turned to stone…

The Vault of Madness

With a word, the cleric’s torch blazened anew. His last spell was exhausted, and his friends dragged along a single corridor that seemed to extend for miles. “How far shall we push ourselves through this tomb? Until we need sleep? The denizens will not sleep…”

An Empress Betrayed: Introducing Valcora

“The companions returned to the Throne Room, victorious in their mission to free the Emissary of Ultair. Her Majesty stood stoically, facing the party with unblinking eyes. Wondering why the Empress was so still, they approached cautiously. Before them was poised a statue in the perfect likeness of Brelia. Her face was frozen in a […]